top of page To Become Redway's Largest Platform! will officially become Redway's largest online platform once it hits its grand re-opening date in early March, 2024. Bellerton will be the first Redway-owned store to have a reviewing section & feedback section as a part of their store, as well as offering it's new rewards service, Bellerton Better Rewards.

By the time of opening Bellerton is set to offer over 10,000 products worldwide! In the next coming months all of Bellerton's 287 stores will be renovated to fit the new Bellerton brand! By the end of 2024 Bellerton will offer not only in-store pickup but it will also allow customers to order products in Bellerton stores.

By the end of 2026 Bellerton plans to open 150 new stores set to open in Texas, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, and one in California. The new California store will be Bellerton's flagship store, this store will be a 4-story department store, featuring over 600,000 square feet of retail space & 100,000 square feet of backroom space. This store will cost the company upwards of $75 million to construct.


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